So long 2016, 2017 what will you have in Store?

Many may think that 2016 has been a bad year and indeed a lot of thing happened, which were the least to say terrible. It all ranges from:

  • a continuous war in Syria which has brought nothing else but destruction and dismay for the people, there are millions of people who have had to flee their homes.
  • numerous terror attacks around the world killing an unbelievable number of innocent people.
  • the amount of ice on the poles is shrinking faster than ever
  • the British people have voted to leave the European Union
  • in spain there is still millions without a job and many have what I would consider “infra-jobs” where the pay will not allow them to make a decent living, in some cases not even a living at all.
  • We lost some of the few great musicians like Bowie, Prince, Leonhard Cohen..

However we all believed to be living in world with relatively fixed parameters. We believed that there were certain values which were set like in stone for the society which surrounds us and all in all we felt safe. 2016 is clearly not one of the best years to my liking. More than once I felt remembered of a banner I saw in my history class back in 1987-1988 in Monroe WA. Reg Head was my history teacher and he put “History repeats itself because nobody listens the first time, I hope you listen the first time so you do not have to repeat history”.

It seems like that people are forgetting history very fast and thus we are repeating certain patterns which have already proven to no bring us any good. It is now very acceptable to “hate” I have used it still in quotation marks because there are many ways to express hate. There is those who hate us because we are of a certain religion, there are others who think they have more rights because they are born in a certain country, those who believe that not all men and women should have an opportunity to find a better life and to prosper. Whist this is nothing new and has always existed and will probably always exist, the worrying factor for me is that there is now more who believe that complex problems can be solved with simple paroles. That somebody is at fault for their status (basically can be anybody but them!!!)

In a few days the USA will have a new president who has been elected by the people, Donald Trump. The world is watching how a man who based a lot of his speeches on hate will be having the trigger to nuclear weapons. I have felt myself in a great and wonderful city like London who people can all of a sudden look at you or make unpleasant remarks because I am not British and speak a different language.

It is up to all of us to make 2017 good year or as I tend to say an even better year. Love & Respect will be key value who will contribute to make this world, our world a better place!

Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Peaceful 2017!


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2016 the year of the sounds of Silence?


2016 started with some sad news for all of those who like music. David Bowie has passed away but not without leaving one last record / CD for us. David Bowie entered my personal life in 1986 when I actually bought my first LP (yes those big round things that had music on them, could get scratched). I remember that I bought it at Tower Records in New York on my first trip to the US.Whilst in press after his death the main theme seemed to be Ziggy Stardust, to me he will be always Mayor Tom. RIP David Bowie


On November 7th the very sad news of the death of Leonard Cohen has arrived. Again I was probably ignorant because I did not consciously hear of him prior to the 1990’s. I was sitting with some friends and we were talking about rough, smoky voices. Inevitably ┬áLeonard Cohen was mentioned. Saying that I did not know him did not necessarily increase my popularity but the good news was that it could be fixed. I bought immediately my first Leonard Cohen CD. It captured me from the very beginning. “First we taken Manhattan” was the first song which went under my skin.

I am not always consciously listening to music but with Leonard Cohen I have learned to really listen to the lyrics as well. The capture me every single time. He had a voice that just made me want to listen. Who by Fire became my absolute favorite song and I cannot resist but to share this fantastic version

Leonard Cohen was what has been denominated a Gentleman, appreciative and humble. He had a special love for the country which I have chosen as to be my home, Spain. Once again I have to say that I regret for not having paid always the right attention to things. His speech when he received the “Principe de Asturias Award for Literature” is worth listening too. It is full of gratefulness and beauty. It is to me a real shame that the Nobel Foundation has chosen Bob Dylan instead of him.

He did not leave without giving us his last present. You want it darker makes it clear that he as well knew that his end was close.

Whilst we continue to be able to listen to the gift they gave us with their lyrics and music, both will be missed, at least by me!

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