And the Music has, … died!

Today, already 27 years ago, Freddy Mercury has found his piece and left us alone with his Music. I was probably not a real Queen fan at that time but I always loved a good number of their songs. There is innumerable memories I have to singing on the top of my lungs songs like “We will Rock You”. This is a real Anthem! It can hardly be played without “We are the Champions”. What would be possibly do without these two songs in any celebration???

The 24th of November 1991 I was doing my civil service in my hometown Bremen. I was with my colleagues doing a night shift in our “emergency central for elderly”. This was rather boring job since we were waiting for the unlikely event that somebody has requested our help. If it were not for the gift of cable TV, at that time that was the only way to watch MTV.
That 24th of November MTV played nothing else but videos of Queen and I remember how we were totally numbed by the fact that this music has now died and we tried the best to homage Freddy the way we new. Singing his songs on the top of our lungs dancing with the flexo lamp as if it were the microphone he used to dance with.

We were not even aware of we we have lost at that time, I guess that is quite normal. We were too young and had of course no idea what the future would bring.
If you were asked right now which song you most remember of the last 10 years, probably the answer will be “I do not know”. We have entered a world of pure where every evaporates in just a few seconds.


On this picture you can see the band play tribute to their fans and their fans playing tribute to the band. Both are fully connected. For sure the once-in-a-lifetime charisma of somebody like Freddy Mercury adds to it. Thing of what that picture would look like today. It would be impossible to see faces, the only thing you would be able to see is Cellphones. Everybody must make a video, which is probably never being looked at. But what happened the reason of really going to a concert???  Sharing a moment? A feeling? All this has been pushed aside to be able to show on EgoGram (Instagram) or FaceLook (Facebook) that one is there and the others aren’t the rest is hardly important.

Same happened with the Music. There is no message, no feeling, no shared moment any more it is just a moment which passed and that is it.

I am glad that I have lived a time in which the important thing was being with friends, family and enjoying things together and make use of this wonderful instrument we have which is our voice. Some of course have a more privileged one than others. It seems that some have forgotten how wonderful it is to talk, sing and transmit emotions the way we are build (that is why we have a voice) and not only type things and put emoticon behind this.

The day Freddy Mercury has found his piece he has left us much more orphaned than we would have thought.

Thank you for “Rocking” us and continuing to do it!


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