Here is to the redefined Generosity

When I was just finished with School I did my civil services in Bremen, Germany as Medical Assistant for the Emergency Services. One part of our work was also to expedite death certificates. It was at the beginning quite impacting since we also had to move the bodies in order to make sure it was either a natural death o there was doubt and so a forensic had to do the analysis.
With time I learned to appreciate the different expressions of the people who have deceased. In most cases it was a very peaceful face. There was a few I will never forget since they were quite the opposite of peaceful. One of them died of a disease called Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It is a terrible disease to which there is no cure, still today. The face I recall was the one of a person who wanted to scream for help since he suffocated but of course could not.

The reason why I am doing this intro is, last week a magnificent person who I had the honour to know has passed away and is now resting in piece. His name is Alvaro, he only turned 40 years old and the last 4 years ALS has taken his life steps by step, inch by inch of his body. I have met Alvaro only very few times, however he is probably one of the most generous person I have ever met. There was one thing that probably everybody who had the pleasure to know him would say. He never, ever stopped smiling!

ALS takes your life slowly. In his case it was first the hands, the arms, the legs.. However there was not a single pleasure in life that Alvaro would have missed. We went once for a wonderful lunch. He was not able to move at all but if you would have seen how he enjoyed his meat, his steak tartar and his beer.. you would agree that this was marvellous. There was not a single moment in which he got angry, there was not a single moment in which he got sad. He took what was put onto his shoulders and just carried it along. It would be so natural to get angry, to ask “why me?” to get frustrated.. nothing took his smile.

This is what I call Generosity, this is what I call an example in life for being positive. He thought us all lessons we shall never forget. Seize the Day!!! Alvaro you were a big master. I am very glad to know that you are now having your well deserved rest!

Rest in Peace and take good care of us Alvaro!


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