2016 the year of the sounds of Silence?


2016 started with some sad news for all of those who like music. David Bowie has passed away but not without leaving one last record / CD for us. David Bowie entered my personal life in 1986 when I actually bought my first LP (yes those big round things that had music on them, could get scratched). I remember that I bought it at Tower Records in New York on my first trip to the US.Whilst in press after his death the main theme seemed to be Ziggy Stardust, to me he will be always Mayor Tom. RIP David Bowie


On November 7th the very sad news of the death of Leonard Cohen has arrived. Again I was probably ignorant because I did not consciously hear of him prior to the 1990’s. I was sitting with some friends and we were talking about rough, smoky voices. Inevitably  Leonard Cohen was mentioned. Saying that I did not know him did not necessarily increase my popularity but the good news was that it could be fixed. I bought immediately my first Leonard Cohen CD. It captured me from the very beginning. “First we taken Manhattan” was the first song which went under my skin.

I am not always consciously listening to music but with Leonard Cohen I have learned to really listen to the lyrics as well. The capture me every single time. He had a voice that just made me want to listen. Who by Fire became my absolute favorite song and I cannot resist but to share this fantastic version

Leonard Cohen was what has been denominated a Gentleman, appreciative and humble. He had a special love for the country which I have chosen as to be my home, Spain. Once again I have to say that I regret for not having paid always the right attention to things. His speech when he received the “Principe de Asturias Award for Literature” is worth listening too. It is full of gratefulness and beauty. It is to me a real shame that the Nobel Foundation has chosen Bob Dylan instead of him.

He did not leave without giving us his last present. You want it darker makes it clear that he as well knew that his end was close.

Whilst we continue to be able to listen to the gift they gave us with their lyrics and music, both will be missed, at least by me!


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