May Santa be with you !

This year I have not been very active with blogging. I guess this is just another mood I can have and for some reasons I feel that I would like to blog a bit more again.

There has been to frenzies which I find just completely absurd lately surrounding me. One is the “STAR WARS” craze. Wow what a marketing machine. It is amazing to see how people are still getting all excited by this originally great movie. I have to say that I was never a big fan of Science Fiction nor of the Fantasy movie category. But Star Wars frenzies is taking the last bit of my like out. Funny how even adults feel the need to  dress like a Star Wars figure and of course they all fall for the biggest marketing tool “have something that makes your neighbor jealous”.

I am not necessarily know to be religious, yet I do like Christmas a lot. I like to see how the cities dress up for it, put on the lights and decorations. I wished that people would focus more on the real sense of it, sharing, yet this is up to everybody himself to make out of christmas what he/she feels like. Yet there is a movement right now in Spain with the so called “Podemos” movement which tends to be left winged to not give Christmas any importance.

This can be found in reduction of Christmas decoration, by not putting up a native scene and quite a few other things. There are some interesting reasonings behind this.

Spain should be a non-religious state. I do agree with that but I do not see that most of us are celebrating Christmas as a religious party.

Christmas decoration could be offending / excluding people of other religion. Well they are not obliged to celebrate christmas in any way or to participate in any of the activities.

Especially the latter has really set me up. Everybody is free to practice the religion they like in Spain, there will be nobody who says that Ramadan nor Yom Kippur is offending or excluding any Christian. Yet it is a fact that the majority of the people who live in Spain are Christian or have a Christian tendency, so why should we renounce to our customs ?

Let’s just be normal again and let everybody celebrate what they want and not forget that tolerance works always both ways and not just one way!

May Santa be with you !


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