Global warming ?

Not too long ago, I would say probably not more than 12 month anybody I spoke to would have said that the Global warming fear was complete nonsense. The usual phrase of “it has rained a lot since then” does not even apply in our case here in Madrid since it has hardly rained at all.

Today it is the 23rd of December and the maximum temperature at my house was 14.2C and the lowest 5.1. This has nothing to do anymore with winter it could be spring. The impact is dramatic.

I am still watering my plants since it is neither cold enough for them nor does it rain at all. Air Pollution in Madrid is quite severe and can be seen easily on the below picture


It does not look good at all. It has been this year the first time that we have had traffic restrictions, finally, but nothing seems to change.

I remember when I first moved to Madrid. I got stuck on the airport in November due to snow. Snow… That has been quite a long time now that I have seen snow around here. It did get eventually cold but snow in Madrid…

At this time of the year the mountains should be covered with snow which in turn will give us water for the next summer, but not even that. The mountains are dry and there is no significant change in sight. One of the key lakes which gives water to Madrid is at a very low level showing an old bridge which I have not seen in the 18 years that I am living here.


You can literally cross the lake now again. My biggest wish for X-Mas is that it will rain, rain a lot and help us to recover not only the water but also the clean air we all need to breathe.


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One Response to Global warming ?

  1. Vitaliy says:

    Indeed, 10 years ago I moved to California, because I couldn’t stay -20C in Poland, which was that winter. I moved back to Wrocław a few years back, and today we have +11C. At Christmas Eve.
    But I’m curious if this is the Global Warming (30 degrees change in 10 years) or some regional weather changes in Europe? I heard in radio we should forget about white winter in this year and years to come, but no explanation really.

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