How to break the circle of a endless discussion

I am a big fan of the Asterix comics. They are a lot of fun and have a certain dark humor in them. I use them quite often to illustrate situations in business since they are not offensive yet very educative.

Asterix in Corsega

It shows the typical situation where you have really no escape and no matter what you say or how you say it will be wrong and twisted around. In sales situations this occurs quite frequently with Partners who are not really partners in front of the customer. The best thing you can do in those situations is simply not enter the argument and move to a different subject. Is this easy ? No of course not, who said ever that selling was easy but unless you would like to have an unpleasant situation probably it is your best bet. You can still take if offline and make it a 1-1 discussion. Those are typically also more fruitful.

In German we say “Der klügere gibt nach” The smarter one gives in. I think the above example shows clearly the validity.


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