Jump back in Time

A few weeks ago I have received an email from a colleague asking for Voluntaries to give a class in a school in Madrid to Teenagers who are close to graduation. The topic was Globalization. I thought immediately that this is a subject I would like to talk about since there are so many different aspects to the globalization which are not only money, transfers of goods. There is an even more important one in my opinion: The Humans behind it.

Today has been the day. I have not visited a school since 1991 when I graduated and it created a certain sense of nostalgia as well of respect. The first thing that struck me was the great teacher I was assigned to Maria. She picked me up at the door and gave an into. It was sweet to see how respectful, not fearful, the students were greeting here on this aisles. The time came and I was in front of her class I would guess some 20 students all of the age of 17-18. I had actually a presentation prepared in Powerpoint, but I then chose to do it freestyle. Which is also the way I usually like to do my presentations.

It was very interesting to observe the students. I remember when I was at their age and we had a visitor from a company there were so many things which were somehow far away from our lives, I guess it has been like that for them as well. I gave an intro on my CV and the different parts of the world I have lived & worked in. In short I was trying to tell them that they have a fantastic opportunity in front of them.

The world is round and not flat and it is in their hand to make something out of it. Especially in a country in Spain where you have one part of the population saying that things are going good and another that they are worse than ever. They are part of this country of this world and they can put their piece of grain to make it a better place. Especially to underline to them that they have to work for it, nothing will be given to them.

The most curious thing was to see how they listened. Some of them asked questions, great questions. I could simply tell that they have been listening and also put thought behind their questions. Wonderful there is nothing nicer for a speaker than to feel that he is being listened to. In business meetings it is normal to be interrupted or to have just a few seconds to say something. They gave me an entire 45 minutes ! Not to mention the applause which is clearly nothing I am used to and I do not want to get used to it!

Thank you Class !


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