So this is Christmas

I came across this song the other day and it served as an inspiration to write a small blog post for Christmas. I cannot say that I am big fan of John Lennon but still I am a fan of Christmas. I like a lot this moment when all of a sudden things calm down a bit, people try to smile a bit more and seek the calm.

Working in the IT Business since 1997 I have always worked in companies who did their year end closing on the 31st of December which means in turn this is the high season for work and getting deals closed. However when I spoke to my colleagues it was a warm an nice atmosphere and not the typical stress. This is probably already a good gift.

I took the time to write some personal emails (yes emails… if I would have used my handwriting they would still be trying to decipher what I wrote) and I got a very nice response. This is a huge gift as well working in an environment in which one feels appreciated.

If I continue the song:
So this is Xmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun

2014 has been a huge ride (and still is, no worry we did not change or miss anything on the calendar). The other day I came across an article in a spanish newspaper written by a young boy (11 years old) who is super talented. He made an interesting reflection there that in Spain people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would not have been successful. This made me think. Why Not? What is so different in Spain? I would not have the full answer to it but yes I tend to agree. There is a different ambience in Spain (might be envy) but there is little sharing of success or being happy that somebody was successful. This year I have been able to work with International Management (people from all over Europe / world) and it has been highly inspiring. Those who know me, know that I have a tendency to be a bit polemic at times and also for being very vocal on my thoughts. I like to provoke since I believe it makes people think more about the possibilities and if they have to defend a certain position, well being provoked they might have another look at it.

What have I done ? Well I have been involved with my colleagues in many of the important deals my company was able to close this year in EMEA, that is the part that also fully gets compensated. But maybe I might be from a bit strange on that but… to me one of the larger compensations were “People really appreciate you!”, or “Thanks a lot for what you have done for us, the perception of your company and HANA in particular has changed completely!. This is what it is all about, at least for me it is always personal (very!!!) and also business.

Merry Christmas to all of you !!!


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