Leaders eat Last, really?

Last week a good friend of mine, Javier, asked me what is wrong with me I have not been blogging for some time. Well the truth is I did take it a bit easier since I needed first to find my space in my new work, then I posted some blogs which were very work centric… in reality all this is excuses. I was really looking for something that inspired me to write about.

Previously I have gotten inspired already by Simon Sinek and his presentation on “How great leaders inspire action”. I was looking for some information and came across “Why Leaders Eat Last. I strongly encourage you to take the time and listen through it.

Simon does not only use the full art of rethorics and presentations, but is as well a great story teller. The beginning of his talk he picks an example of military and how they defend their peers, even putting their own lives at risk.

In  biological terms, leaders get the first pick of food and other spoils, but at a cost. When danger is present, the group expects the leader to mitigate all threats even at the expense of their personal well-being. I liked a lot the following example which was stated

“In the military we give medals to people who are willing to sacrifice themselves in order for others to gain, In business we give bonuses to people who are willing to sacrifice other so that they may gain” The quote might not be 100% correct I assume that you all understand what I am trying to say. Who has not experiences something like that, or even exercised as a “threat” instead of an inspiration in a management situation?

One can exercise Leadership on many different levels and in any sort of situation.

Leaders are not born, they are made!

I have never really spend a lot of thought on this but actually if you follow the logic it makes a lot of sense, even better, good that it is so. This means that the number of leaders can increment, quite frankly I think in many cases we need more leaders. You all have heard “Lead by Example” and it makes perfect sense to each and every one of us, but probably you have not heard of “Manage by Example“. This might be mainly due to the fact that if you look up the Management on Wikipedia you will come across this definition “Management in business and organizations is an art that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively”. This is not to take away any of the merit management has at all. Just it is not necessarily linked to leader or leadership. Management has more to do with authority given by entitlement, of course you still have to earn the right to be a Manager.

Leadership is highly important and I have had the chance to work with some very inspiring leaders. Leaders are those that make you follow them, that make you believe in a cause and you feel part of something bigger. This, at least to me, is much more than just a pay check, bonus. Might be that I am talking from a privileged POV but, this is my very personal way of viewing things.

I feel that the destination between leader & manager is very important since they are not necessarily linked, nor do they have do be. You can have a great manager who is not a leader. You can have a great leader who is a chaos in Management. Over the years I have had the pleasure to see & work with  many leaders & managers. There are honestly only a couple of them who keep inspiring me, though I have not talked to some of them in many years.

Following the examples which are being used by Simon in his speech I am feeling good about myself since I feel that people like to work with me and they have build that trust that I am not just another news reporter but I stand by their side to make sure that we get our job done.

Regarding the headline, I am not sure if leaders eat last but I like to give the credit of the achieved to the people who have fought for it on the field, they are the ones who make the news and they deserve to be honoured and named.


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