The Art of AirTravel

I have been traveling quite a bit lately, mostly with the OneWorld Aliance Airlines since they coincide with my home location. Since January I have taken a approx 4 flights per week and until today all was perfect. Just today, the day I had already 12 hours of flying on my back I arrived strangely enough 30 minutes late in London Heathrow. I say strangely since on all the flights I have taken so far in Europe with a flying time of approx 2-3 hours I have not had any delay at all since January.

If I would look at things from a Mathematical point of view I would say the chances of having a delay on a shorter flight are much higher since there is less margin to recover in the air. Actually we would have been on time but the “Air Traffic Congestion” made us do a couple of loops over London. Instead of landing at 6:30 we were there at 6:58 thus I was unable to catch my flight at 7:30 (also because the organisation at Heathrow Terminal 5 is quite improvable!!!!)

Here are the things that I really wonder about:
– You see how long it takes to get people of a plane when everybody is calm, is there really a chance to get of a plane in case of panic with the emergency exits ?
– Air Traffic Congestion: The Airspace and airports are not working like normal highways where it could happen that all of a sudden a lot of cars turn up because their drivers think it might be a cool idea to go to a certain place. Airports have very detailed schedules on which Planes arrive and leave. They should be planed in order to fit the capacity of the Airport, the ground staff and the air traffic controllers one might think. Leads me to “Thinking means not knowing”. I might say in addition that the weather in London today is good !
– Airlines pretty much know who they have on each of the planes (that is why they print your name on the boarding pass and also ask for your ID to make sure that you are really who you say you are. So with all that information how come they are not able to tell you “Sir, we are utterly sorry but with the delay you will most likely not make your connecting flight. We will try to get you to the gate as fast as possible”. At least today on my flight BA58 this was not the case –> #MayorFail
– On Airports it seems to be a tendency to put a lot of staff into a Uniform which are not very used to treat with Public, especially not with stressed public. I would call that abuse of Uniform but… must be the price we are paying.
– I have been flying 12 hours and would have another 2.30h of flight to Madrid, initially I would have had 1h of transit making it 15:30h of my life. Now BA has decided to add another 2 hours to it… I wonder how those friendly people who look you in the eyes with the “I could not care less” look would feel if it were to happen to them. I would feel that a compensation would have been more than adequate, being it in “Avios” or at least a breakfast but hey… I guess I am asking again too much.

I guess I should just not worry about it, it is anyhow what the Airline decides and end of story. I have been probably very lucky and therefore this today simply had to happen. The bummer is that especially today I was very interested in being on time since I have an appointment which I have to delay…. Hopefully I can!

It happens in many industries but especially in Air Travel I tend to feel that Airlines have forgotten that they are not transporting goods but people. People with needs, worries, feelings, emotions. It would be great if one would feel again as one should feel as a customer.


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