How to lose a customer: The BMW Masterpiece

I might want to make a small intro here. I have always been a big fan of customer attention and one of the things I value most is the treatment that I am getting from the companies who sell to me. I am also a very radical customer. Once you really hacked me off I will never ever buy from you again. On the positive side once I am treated well or beyond my expectations I am very faithful.

I have had in the past a very negative experience with AUDI in Spain. Funny enough they are just distributors of AUDI in the country and they are not following at all the example of the customer service the Volkswagen Group in Germany is offering. I still remember the arrogant snot nose who told me “if you car is out of warranty we do not cover anything”. Too bad that I knew Audi in Germany and I know by fact that they do cover when something really unusual is breaking. I told the guy that if that is his last word I will never ever buy from them again. I never did and never will 😉

I have started to ride a Motorcycle in 2006 (quite late, but probably good since otherwise I probably would not be writing those lines). Since my childhood I loved the looks and feels of the BMW Boxer Motorcycles. They are simply beautiful and really nice bikes. I have my third one now and I am very happy with the bike, the attention of the person who attends me at the BMW Dealer everything good.

Then all of a sudden I received a very nice letter from BMW in which they are offering me a special BMW Insurance. In times of Crisis (very profound in Spain) everybody started to look at ways of saving money. The letter I got from BWM stated that for being such a special customer and several other reasons they are offering me a new insurance which was at a very competitive price (for riders my age and without accidents which are both the case). It was about 100€ less than what I am paying.

After BMW studied my case they offered me an insurance which is 350€ more per year. I really got upset. My questions to a renown brand like BMW are:

  1.  Why do you get into a business that is not yours (the insurance was being offered through them only by Zurich)
  2. Why do you not make sure that prior to offering anything, even if it is promotional letter that you can fulfil your promises and it is not misleading advertisement (also illegal)
  3. When you see that you offer is crap compared to what the customer you are talking to has right now, do not try to upset him even further by telling whatever argument
  4. Why do you destroy the relation of a happy customer (on motorcycles) with a stupid offer like that which is not even your core business????

I am sorry for the rant but this example has just really upset me. I do not understand why would any company lose a customer in such way and especially for nothing. I they would make large money on being an insurance sales company maybe I could understand but in this way, for some lousy cents ???? Really a shame!



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