An homage to the Cinema, the 7th Art

I just saw the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. At the beginning it was a bit nerve biting to me and confusing. Maybe it is simply because I expected different. I would give the movie a very good rating for the photography, which for me is really awesome. The Plot was quite confusing to me at the beginning and to be honest we were about to stand up and leave since it seemed to be a bad movie. But then Walter arrived on Greenland and it started to change all of a sudden. To me he scene in which all of a sudden Cheryl sings the following song was the changing point, for me

The first time I heard that song was probably in the summer of 1986 when I was on vacation with my parents in the US. I was walking through the streets of New York and found a large record store. I am not sure anymore if it was a Tower Records but it was pretty big. So I looked around for a vinyl record to buy. I was 15 at that time and it was the very first record I have bought. It was

I did not like neither David Bowie too much at that time nor that particular song which seemed to me a bit slow. Yet it was probably perfect for the time. It was clearly not the easiest time for me. Listing to music which was not what was hip at that time, like The Smith, Level 42 or Depeche Mode made one different. I was not really able to enjoy being different at that time but probably belonged to the learning curve. The music was a safe harbour at that time even though I was not able to interpret the lyrics the way I would do today, beautiful innocence of youth!

I have a great passion for going to the movies. To me it is an event and a moment to really appreciate the 7th Art! I always choose the very last row in the centre to have the full cinema feeling. I love the moment when the lights go down and movie starts the sound wraps me in. Some people try to tell me that they can have better quality at home. Besides the fact that I doubt it..
WHO CARES ???? This is not about quality or who has more it is about using the senses in order to enjoy. A concert has probably much worse sound than a studio recorded CD, yet the emotions one can live at a concert will be quite different than the perfect sound of a CD. This does not take away that I have a library of movies which I like to see more than just once after having seen them in the Cinema at home.

Cinema is really something beautiful and I hope that they will recover from ever declining spectator numbers. Some blame it on piracy and on the high prices. I would mainly blame it on the high ticket price, today I pay 9.10€ per ticket. In the times we are living for a family it can be quite challenging to go with 2 adults and 2 children (all pay the same) and then add pop-corn and soda to it you end up easily with 50€. In the current market conditions the Cinema and Movie industry should try to adapt more and try to find ways to get people back into the theatres.

All that said, just a few weeks ago I was with my dear during a weekend on Fuerteventura, Island where Sir Ridley Scott is filming currently “Exodus” with Christian Bale. I had Ridley Scott right in front of me when he entered the hotel and now shame on me… I was not sure if it was him in order to ask for an Autograph. Being a fan of his movies did not mean that I was sure how he looked like… Oh well, I saw him close 😉


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