A look back with a smile, this was 2013

I very much like this season of the year. It is a time in which some things start to slow down while others get into turbo mode. The  traffic this morning was awesome, every body was driving a much calmer, people were simply not as aggressive. In business of course it is the end of the fiscal year for many companies and this means the utmost stress in order to get everything done before we can say finally Happy New Year 2014.

2013 has been a very intense year for me, which might not be a big surprise to anybody. It has been a while in which I have wanted to change work and finally I have done it. I spend in total 6 years at IBM until this October I changed my work to SAP. I got pretty quiet on the social media as well on this blog but I needed to have some time to gain new energy. Of course and why not say it I got also some trouble for voicing very openly my opinion in the past. Nothing really bad and I have to admit that the ones who called my attention were right, I was not doing the smartest thing in the world.

I have spent 6 years at IBM. It was more time than I would have thought in August 2006 when I received the call the IBM has acquired Internet Security Systems (ISS). I am very grateful for the learning experience I have had at IBM. It is a very large and highly process organised company. You either mold yourself to the process and the way things are done or you are not going anywhere. The good news were that there was always somebody who took the hassle to explain things to me and help me understand the deeper reason for decisions I would have questioned. I have overall a very good time at IBM, especially in the part that made the company big Systems and Technology Group (Hardware for those who are not familiar with the jargon).

I very much appreciate in SAP that decisions are not only top down and “you do so because I told you” but there is more “Basis Demokratie” and participation of the troops. This to strong innovation and high levels of satisfaction. I am very happy that I have made the move to join SAP. I can work on the solutions I truly believe in and more than that work with many new people all over Europe!

I am very much looking forward to 2014 and the new challenges !


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This blog is purely personal and reflects only my personal opinion. None of the content can be related in any way to my employer or former employers.
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