Dont’ Dream it, Simply be it

I went the other day to a concert of a band called TranceUntes. I like electronic music and we got invited to listen to this band from Madrid. It was quite interesting to see with how much enthusiasm they were playing. Further the combination of instruments including the Didjeridoo were the least to say interesting. What impressed me more even was the way the were able to to spread the enthusiasm to the crowd. I guess they were only able to do this because they were transmitting that they like what they are doing and really believe in it.

It might be due to the crisis we are suffering in Spain, but I hear quite often people say that “I wished I were doing something else”. People tend to have a good idea as well of what they would be changing and what they would rather like to do, yet they resist to take the step. It might have to be related to the risk adversity or simply lack of vision. I do not blame anybody for this, just is calling my attention. When I am being asked are you doing what you like to do, I answer yes and no. Considering that I once took the decision to study business instead of medicine, yes I am doing what I like to do. This does not take away that I more than once regret having been “lazy” and not chosen to study medicine.

I wonder what it is that makes people so adverse to change even in moments where they are not content with their being. Dreaming about a better life is probably necessary and also a weapon of self defence.  But why stay stuck with just dreams ? Why not work on making the dreams reality ? There are probably limits which need to be considered. As much as I like to sing I am lacking a good feel of rhythm and probably some other skills to become a professional singer, those who heard me sing probably agree strongly. Still it does not mean that I do not enjoy a lot singing even if it is just for myself.

I am on the verge to start a new job on Wednesday. It was not easy at all for me to take this decision. I am leaving great colleagues and friends behind at my previous job entering a whole new world which is not yet known to me. But chose to make this change in order to pursue my dream. It will be fun and it will be good.




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