Inspired by true believe

A few days ago I read the blog post of a good friend called “Talent cannot be managed“. I tweeted back to Vijay that I loved his post and that it was clearly written from the heart, to which he responded that it is almost always. Needless to say that I strongly concur with this thought. His post made me think quite a bit and have a short review of life, my life. This means that of course it is not an objective analysis but just the way that I see and feel it. I feel that I have always had strong convictions, tried to live them as much as I could but was always clear about them. If you ask me the question if I think that this is the best way to walk through life, my answer is twofold:

– YES: because this is what I feel, this is part of the freedom we enjoy and also because it is part of honesty.

– NO: the world we live in does not always accept a clear and direct answer. Reminds me of the movie Easy Rider and the quote of George Hanson “They’ll talk to ya and talk to ya and talk to ya about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em.

It might sound arrogant if I refer to myself as Talent (not sure if there is a precise definition for it) yet I have seen myself reflected in the post I mentioned at the beginning.  I see a lot of passion in the words how it is written. Talent is fiercely loyal their own ideas. This is a very strong truth I have seen in many conversations with friends and colleagues who I respect very much. It is not an easy task to convince a Talent that his/her believe might be wrong. Yet if you try you must make sure that you come back with arguments which can be accepted. Even though the Talent might be in disagreement with your point of view but feeling that you truly believe what you say will at lest earn you respect.

I have seen few speeches in history in which the “I say what I really feel” has been more prominent than in Dr. Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream”

Simply a masterpiece which today still gives me goosebumps. Think about it when is the last time you have listened to somebody talk with such conviction? There is no doubt that Dr. Martin Luther King was a Talent. There are many Talents out there today which might not be as prominent but all in all they make our world a better place. Talents are by no means comfortable and for sure they are not easy to “manage”, as Vijay mentioned in his post. Just like we cannot live in world in which everybody is a fire fighter or a doctor, we cannot life in world where only Talent counts. That makes it even more important that we make sure that we underline the line of “all men are created equal” and thus all are needed equally. We need to make sure that we do not get frightened by the “individual freedom” and try to grasp the new opportunities which are being offered.

The downside of passion is that sometimes it makes can make you blind, forget what surrounds you and harm feelings of others. I believe that passion can be controlled and should be auto controlled. There is no need to leave bruises on the way, yet the control may not kill the spirit of passion itself.


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