German Schulmeister Habits

Yesterday Rosalia Mera has deceased at age 69. She was the richest woman in Spain due to her co-founding of the Inditex Empire with an estimated fortune of 4.7bn€. I have never met her in person but yet I can see how Inditex has done a lot of good to Spain in many aspects and Mrs Mera was known for her social engagements. This morning I read in the German Magazine “Der Spiegel” a short article about hear death and short bio which seemed more than correct. The shocking part to me came when I read the comments below which in my humble view are “typical German”. Full of envy and talking without knowing.

Comments on how it is possible she was so rich, that was not done by working but by exploiting. What do they know ??? Thanks to Inditex there is a lot of employment in an area which was economically depressed. But the question that arises to me is: “Why do people have to talk in this way about the dead ? Why all this envy ? Why always look so far ? In Germany there are many more billionaires than in Spain, but I guess they all did just work hard and not exploited their workers…

Of course it was also the Germans who saved the Spanish Banks… let’s just forget that Germany was the the country which most benefited from the crisis by having lower than ever interest rates and eliminating competition…

Today I was really ashamed to see the lack of knowledge, culture and respect my fellow country citizen have.

R.I.P Rosalia, your life time work will perdue and be remembered!


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