Deep Blue Experience

I was never famous for being a big fan of swimming in the sea or in lakes. Might be somehow linked to the fact that I am not very comfortable when I cannot see what is below me. Plus I really dislike cold water and have a hard time to adapt to it. This all makes it even more curious that in 2005 based on bet I decided to make my Padi Open Water Exam in Fuerteventura in January. That means that the water has a max temperature of 18C which is in other words quite cold. Breathing through a regulator and all this was quite strange at first but I think it was already on the first “baptism” dive in the ocean that I was just amazed and loved it. Fuerteventura is a good place to learn since it is not the easiest one and there is not too much life under water so that you can focus on what you really need to focus. Ever since then I try to go diving whenever I can and even made the next level of exam the Advanced Open Water Diver, a thing that nobody who knows me would have thought possible.

The mere feeling of just floating, not having any weight is already exiting. Breathing in an environment which is not mine and being so close to the fish like on this picture

Maldives, Kumarathi Island, 2013

Surgeon Fish, Maldives, 2013

This Summer I had one of the most amazing dives. It was very early in the morning, 6AM, and on one side there was still the full moon and on the other I could see the sun rising. It was just the instructor and myself on this dive which gave it a special sort of magic. It was a deep blue dive to find the hammerhead shark. Unfortunately we did not find the shark, the are few left… but it was yet an amazing experience to be at 30M depth nobody else, no noise just our breathing and then see for example the ray

There is a lot myth about deep blue I can only say that for me it was a great experience, one that I would like to repeat since it gave me a lot of inner peace in conjunction with satisfaction. The following video is very short but it shows you the shine of the plankton down there. Never seen it an it was truly amazing

The Dive took place on the Rasdoo Atoll this summer and it was the first time that I ever made underwater photo or video… Learned a bit too late that I should have had a red filter but for the next time I am prepared!


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