This still is 2012 – a Look Back with a Smile


X-mas 2012

This time of the year for me is always a time to step back and make some reflections on what has happened in 2012 and what it meant to me. I can assure you that it is not easy to step back because even though one might think that December is a quiet month, all of those who work in Tech know it is not. I am spending hours on the phone with customers (those who still need convincing and those who are convinced but deserve some private time) and of course my colleagues.

Looking back to all the things that have happened to me in 2012 there are many events that deserve a special mention to me.

January started with the signature of our 3rd HANA project in Spain. I would like to send a special THANK YOU / Moltes Gracies to Juan. He is a real example of “it is always personal and not only business”. I met Juan in the week after Christmas to present our SAP HANA solution. The next day he had already a proposal on his table, which included a financing option for 3 years. It made me proud that all my colleagues, Jesus, Raul, Ana, Fernando, Alejandro who helped me on getting this done rowing in the same direction.

February started and we had to implement our first SAP HANA project, better said make do the set up of our appliances at the first customer who deposited his faith in the solution I have offered. It went not without some scares but we pulled it off. A special Thanks to Alejandro, Sergi, Andreu, Tomas, Jesus, Carlos, Tomas, Oliver, Patrick you made it happen. More than that, it was a personal matter for all of you to put a first success on the table. Thanks to it all.

March was the month where I felt we need to shout out how great we did. I contacted the team of and asked if we could publish the story of our first customer. The feedback was great and I am extremely proud that we had probably the first customer live with SAP HANA and BW. The team is endless who participated in it, let me say a special thanks to Xavo, Carlos, Mirenchu, Alejandro. We did it and this is something that we have to be proud of. Making it personal, making it a “we” effort made us succeed!

In April SAP celebrated the Business Intelligence Forum in Madrid and I was able to meet finally Timo Elliot. Was great meeting him. But for me the best moment was to see my dear customer on stage talking with pride about his SAP HANA project in which we have participated. Thank you again Tomas & Xavo for the kind words!

May was the month I really launched myself onto @Twitter. To me one of the best Social Networks which also allowed me to meet a lot of great and fantastic people.

June meant the close of the 2nd quarter and we could start to feel that the recession and the so-called crisis in Spain was really hitting. But still putting the right attitude to it drove results.

July I made my first trip to Israel in my role and met the team there. It was really great to work with the team and get them excited about SAP HANA as much as I was. Noam, Michal, Adi, Alex, Gilad, Danny, Adi you are all part of this and feeling that you trust me was more than just a soft reward.

August was a great month. It started with a Twitter response to John regarding a Demo he wanted to a SAPPHIRE / Teched. I simply challenged him on Twitter to do it on a Box from my company and this started a whole new idea. THANK YOU John for picking up the idea and making it happen with SAP Went on Vacation for 2 weeks to Portugal and was able to fully disconnect and discover complete calmness. I can really recommend a visit to this beautiful country with great people!

September I had a wonderful experience in Greece speaking at the IDC event! Nikos Thanks a lot for your trust to substitute you at the event. I have been prepared just a few minutes prior to my speech bu Nacho (excellent work) and I had a great time. Thanks to the audience for being with me and having had a great time! I probably discovered what I really love to do there at this very event!

October was the month of TechEd in Las Vegas. Even though I was not there physically I was there “virtually” on @Twitter. What was known as #HANARace became a reality besides all the roadblocks we have encountered on the way. I had really a blast by following my Team of BluefinSolutions and having a TwitterRace with our competitor from CISCO/EMC. My special Thank are to John, Lloyd, Marc, Gereon and Tomas but as well to the competing team since we have had really a great visibility, Henrik, Christoph you were really worthy competitors!

November was SAPPHIRE MADRID Time. I am always fascinated with the power that SAP has to attract more than 10.000 people to one place. The General Strike was threatening to reduce the success of the event but once more the will of people to make things happen and move forward made this event a huge success. I was having great meetings with my customers and new prospects, again Thanks to Juan, Tomas, Xavo for meeting up with me. I also met finally in person the key people I have met this year on Twitter! Llloyd, Marc, Henrik it was great to meet you! It was also the month I had another trip to Israel. Team you cannot imagine how much appreciate your hard work since we have made such a great progress. Noam, Adi, Adi, Alex, Gil, Ron, Eran, Rinat you all made and make great things happen!. Ofer put the dot on the I but again having me at his house and sharing moments with him and his family. Shalom and Todah to you all! November has been especially important for me since I have launched my Blog. Thanks to John and Vijay for supporting me on taking this step!

December is still ongoing yet I feel very lucky for having made the choice to work on what I have been working, to meet the people that I have met and to be able to realize part of a dream every day. It is far from being over … it has just begun. There is a special Thanks to Vicky for always having some guidance in moments of doubts, Isabel for being my boss and depositing trust and faith in me. Especially in my SOL, who supports me day in and day out!

I wish you all and your families’ very happy holidays and even more prosperous 2013!




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