Welcome to the CochesDiez Blog


please stay tuned for my blog. My name is Carsten Nitschke also known as @cochesdiez on Twitter. The reason why I call myself cochesdiez is actually very simple. If you take my name Carsten and split it into the syllables it is Cars – Ten. Then you translate it into spanish and there we are.

The objective of my blog is to share my views on the IT Business World. As the title says it is always Personal and also business so stay tuned on my views !


About cnitschke

This blog is purely personal and reflects only my personal opinion. None of the content can be related in any way to my employer or former employers.
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One Response to Welcome to the CochesDiez Blog

  1. Finally I understand your twitter name!!! Great!!!.. I was supposing you have a second hand car company!! jajajaja

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